Buildings, Entrances, and Parking



Saint Anne’s is located at the corner of Merrimack and Kirk Streets in the heart of downtown Lowell. It is a complex of three buildings:

  • the church itself (which has a main entrance and a chapel entrance). We worship in the chapel during the winter months.
  • the Rectory (to the left of the church). The church offices are in the Rectory.
  • Edson Hall (behind the church and Rectory). Social functions and Youth Alive activities take place here. Living Waters is at the far end of Edson Hall, by Lucy Larcom Park. Enter from Kirk Street or by taking the path between the church and the Rectory.

There is no parking lot at Saint Anne’s.

On street parking is free on Sundays in downtown Lowell.

There is a free parking across Merrimack Street in the Enterprise Bank parking lot, available on Sundays and during non-banking hours.

Nearby garages within walking distance are:

  • Leo Roy Garage,  100 Market Street
  • Edward Early, Jr. Garage, 135 Middlesex Street
  • Davidson Lot, 15 Davidson Street
  • Joseph Downes Parking Facility, 75 John St
  • Lower Locks Garage, 90 Warren St
  • George A Ayotte Garage, 1 Post Office Square